New Custom Gaming Computers Avalable Now

Reboot Technology is proud to announce that we are working with a team of highly skilled computer technicians to bring to you the world of custom computer building. 

This service allows for the customer to have a 100% say in what they want in their computer, from the case to the specs, whatever you want in your computer, it can be done by us.

A lot of other large computer stores don't offer the broad customisation that we do, instead they offer only a few different options for in their computers. This is why we wanted to allow everyone to get whatever they want in their computer, without having the hassle and risk of attempting to put it together yourself. Our technicians are here to help! If you are unsure of what's compatible with what, or you don't know what you will need in a computer for the task required, they can guide you to choosing the right parts.

After the parts have been selected the computer will be put together very carefully, then it will be tested to ensure that all the parts are working as they should and that when you receive your computer its ready to be plugged in and used straight away.

All of the computer we ship out have Windows 10 installed and activated, which can be a big hassle if you are trying to build a computer at home. We also ensure all the necessary drivers are up to date so the computer will run smoothly.

If you are interested in this service and would like to have a very personal computer that is suited to your needs, head over to our Custom Computer page and get into contact with us!

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